In Harmony Music Festival
Peace Arch News

“Barnson is, as they say, the consumate professional, and her gospel and country
vocals were strong and sure, backed up with trememdous verve by siblings Jan
Barnson on bass and vocals and Gerry Barnson on drums and vocals.”
- Alex Browne

Canadian Country Chicks Tour
Vancouver Sun

“Opening for Farmer's Daughter and Lisa Brokop, the Barnsons, nominees at the BC
Country Music Awards, put on a short but solid 25 minute set of country tunes.”
- Larry Pynn

In Harmony Music Festival
Peace Arch News

This country singer, whose backup band and singers include her sister and brother,
plus Robbie Steininger on guitar, offered a tight, thoroughly professional set. Her tuneful voice was supported by great backup singing - particularly when the three singers joined force in unaccompanied harmony. The band has received considerable airplay and opened for country favorites Farmerʼs Daughter and it's not hard to see why.”
- Alex Browne ʻArts & Entertainment

Utrasound Record Review
Province Newspaper

The Barnsons: The Road to Something More ***
“She's a local Christian Artist who sings of her beliefs with unalloyed pride. Barnson has some great players here, including guitarist Robbie Steininger, and the vocals and production are above average.”
- J.P.M

Lori Barson Band photo Lori Barson Band photo Lori Barson Band photo Lori Barson Band photo